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Thanks big_amg, but I already gave that information to a nice man from Nigeria whose gran needed an emergency operation.

I'm very well thank you :)

Ooooooo you better duck!
You are stereotyping Nigerians here and the PC police on this forum won't like it!

Welcome btw :)
What's the difference between a Bendybus and a Brabus?

Hello Charles,

Two major differences:

The Bendybus is quicker
The Brabus hinges more around corners,

Well, thanks to you all.

I can now create an album with a couple of pictures and receive abusive PM's :bannana:
That's a joke? Or you've never been out of Essex? :eek:

i dunno what to say to this... not a great name is it... better get down the court house i reckon..:bannana:
Are you now or have you ever been a member of the natural law party and have you ever indulged in the practice of "yogic flying" without a PPL? All answers may be recorded for training purposes- the team of trained chimps in the call centre are coming along nicely before you ask.
ps. that's of course if you chose to ignore " the banana incident"
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Thanks for the welcome - any offence is entirely unintentional and learnt from Phonejacker and

I'd like to make a complaint pleeeease.

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