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Discussion in 'Parts, Maintenance & Servicing' started by boisty, Dec 30, 2012.

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    I've just completed an A service on the wife's C180K as instructed by the service indicator and I'd now like to reset the ASSYST indicator thingy. I've done a couple of forum searches with no luck, can anyone tell me how to reset it please.
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    This applies to the Mercedes W203 C class and the Mercedes W209 CLK Class.

    a) Turn ignition key to '1'
    b) Press the system selection buttons (left hand edge of steering wheel) until you have the Basic display with mileage or temperature in the display
    c) Press the dimming button (on the cluster itself) briefly 3 times and you see the voltage display on the cluster and a ping is heard
    d) Turn the ignition key to '2'
    e) Press the scroll down button and 'Service indicator' will appear in display
    f) Press the dimming button and 'Oil Type' will appear on the cluster
    g) Select oil type using +/- buttons and press the scroll up button to confirm.
    h) Press and hold the dimming button until 'Service confirmed' appeard
    i) Press scroll up until 'Service indicator' appears again
    j) Press upper system selection button to finish.

    From How to reset service indicators

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