Aston Martin's German engine plant.

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    After seeing the ASTON Martin Vulcan turbocharged V12 on Sunday's Top Gear I was prompted to find out where these engines were made. At one point there was a rumour of a tie up with AMG but apparently they are made in a special section of the Ford engine plant in Cologne. Makes sense considering how the engine was 2 ford v6 mondeo engines clapped together originally.
    This Is The All-New V12 Aston Martin Built Without Anybody Noticing

    Located in a separate building at Ford’s Niehl Engine Plant, the Aston Martin Engine Plant is equipped to work solely on Aston Martin engines and the building carries the Corporate Identity of the marque.

    The layout of AMEP consists of a 12,500 square metre production hall, which has sufficient capacity to support Aston Martin’s requirements today and in the future. The facility broadly comprises four distinct areas; one to machine engine cylinder blocks, one to machine cylinder heads, one to assemble all engine components and an area for goods received and engine shipment. All engine testing is completed within the assembly process and unlike normal engine production, both cold tests and hot tests are completed concurrently on all engines.

    The facility is capable of machining and assembling V8 and V12 engines simultaneously. Each technician will build a complete engine from start to finish – at full production more than 30 technicians will be building engines.

    Built in compliance with ISO 14001 environmental regulations, the facility also benefits from state-of-the-art features including an adaptive lighting system that automatically adjusts according to the level of available daylight. Additionally, all of the equipment used within the facility has been specifically chosen not to exceed a noise level of 77 db(A), aiding a pleasant working environment.
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