Astra Van Clk 230K

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Oct 14, 2007

I have an Astra Van 1.7td on an R reg. And a Clk230 Kompressor Elegance Auto coupe on a T reg.

The clk was driven daily but came off the road due to a failed MAF sensor, a few other bits and bobs and also getting 9 points on my license.

I now drive daily the van, and the clk is up on axle stands in my unit.

It would cost me a fair bit to make the clk road worthy enough to sell. And breaking it for parts is slow and not going well.

Huge shame and obviously I am gutted, however to try and make good out of bad I have started tinkering with the van until the future calls for another merc.

I wondered if any parts from the mercedes engine (supercharger etc) could be fitted to the astra to make it quicker. Obviously I would declare these addons on the insurance, but aside from doing a full engine swap or spending cash on remaps and deisel tuning I wanted to utalise the clk that is sitting there gathering dust.

I am aware that this will not be of interest to all as I am a merc enthusiast to but would appreciate any sugguestions or advice.

Alternativly if anyone would like to make me an offer on the merc etc?

Thanks in advance
What exactly needs doing to the CLK to make it sellable ?

Not sure what would be swappable onto the astra , but sounds like an interesting idea ...

You might be better selling the CLK ( after putting it right ) and getting some proper Astra add ons rather than trying to modify the MB stuff to fit ...
swann said:
9 points on my license.... I wondered if any parts from the mercedes engine (supercharger etc) could be fitted to the astra to make it quicker.

Seems like a daft idea to me. The cost involved would be better ploughed into the CLK, which you could then sell.

Sounds like the last thing you need is a faster car ;)
The clk needs a few bits putting back on like exhaust system, wheels etc, and the associated cheap bits like gasket etc.

The dearest being,

TAX £100

I don't have the cash to do these bits as I have just started a new business and the clk is not only taking up space in my unit but is also 'dead money' so to speak.

After driving it for 6 months and w202 before that for a year it is very different in the van!

Thats why I thought maybe swapping some parts, wish I could get it roadworthy and sold to be honest until I can afford another and the insurance etc.
You can get a (genuine) MAS for half that price .

Get a recirc unit from a breakers.

You could get that back on the road cheaply , if you don't mind taking a bit of a hit for it , sell it without tax and MOT , but be aware it will fetch less.
Yes, I think your right, If I tidy it up etc, maybe I'd get 3K for it?
It's black and stunning and everything in the world to me until pc plod came along :-(

Ahh well.

I suppose if I save and be sensible between now and when all points are gone I can get something nice then.

In the meantime I've fit central locking and a screen/camera to the van which was rewarding.

Would anyone be interested in this vehicle for say £3K in the condition it is in.

Bearing in mind it would not take much to get it back on the road and is no good to me anymore.
Thats a little too steep price wise.

I may be interested if MUCH cheaper.
It pains me to say that in autotrader running CLKs are £3k and good ones with sensible mileage and FSH are £4k.
So I guess yours might be nearer 2k......sorry to give the bad news.

Good luck anyway.
Well if anyone wants to come and have a look and see whats what they are welcome to and as long as the offer is above 2 K I will have to cut my losses. As i say it is no good to me anymore.

I'm offline for a while now so my number is 07900 210 307.

If no one gets in touch I shall stick it on ebay in a month or so.

Thanks everyone

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