Audi V8 Quattro - needs email abuse

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I left a message.........

"Dear mattpryce,

Hi there, are you willing to accept a greasey donner kebab, chips and a mars bar for part exchange with the Audi?

Involved in slight accident........

I had an Audi 80 before I saw the light and bought MB - a Montego hit me from behind while I was stopped at lights.

Montego looked like that Audi.... I had a cracked indicator and a slight bend on the rear bumper.

To do that damage to an Audi, the accident wasn't that slight.........
like I said I used to own it, it makes my S class feel like a mid 90`s Fiat, 1.9 tons of tank, slight accident is right, (in line of work we have seen much worse) but you should have seen the other car, an old astra pulled out in front of him and it got t-boned, as good as split it in too by all accounts...

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