Audio 10 CDR CDRW

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Nov 6, 2004
1997 E230
Does anyones Audio 10 CD play CDR's or CDRW's?

I do not seem to be able to play these in mine, does anyone else have this problem or know a solution?

Just gone out and checked mine with CDRW and it worked fine - maybe the CD is corrupt ?

If you are just using a CDR(W) that is a just a burn of a music CD it should work fine, but I'm not sure the A10 can play MP3, WMA or anything clever like that ?
Just to clarify, It wont play any CDR or CDRW. Im not trying to play MP3 or any other file types.

Its the square one (Audio 10 model MF2910).
if its the original head unit in the car , could be one of two things.

Either the firmware of the unit doesnt support CDR.

your laser is coming to the end of its life....
Laser for MF2910

Hey you can buy the laser online, there bit fiddly to fit but otherwise ok.
no adjustments are needed, should just work.

these units do play CDRs but are not designed to do so. playing CDRs will use more laser power, as the way CDRs and off The Shelf discs are made are totally different. you get more reflection from Brought Cd than you do with a CDR therefore the laser does not strain as much when reading the Cd.

I have checked this on the eye Patten on my oscilloscope, and the CDR gave out about half the eye Patten as the shop brought Cd.

so if you’re playing CDRs please bare this in mind.

Link for the laser is :


Mark :)
The make of CDR can also have an effect. ;)
Does the Audio10 play mp3 CDRs?
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Does the Audio10 play mp3 CDRs?

not as far as I know.MP3 is the wrong format;)
look at for Mercedes Audio 10 Alpine Becker Radios

you can use Audio CD (only CDR, not CDRW) from Sony, you must burn it with Nero as Audio CD and very slow, speed 1x or 2x than it must be work.:bannana:

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