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Oct 1, 2016
c220 sports tourer
Old topic revisited. Ive got my music on usb sticks and find it great with artist, album, tracks. Seems far more organised than using my ipod in my other car. However although I have converted everything to mp3. and made sure artwork is 300 x 300 or less I still cant get it to display. I have used Meka album artwork to embed the images but I'm obviously missing something. Can anyone offer a complete idiots guide. Im using my laptop which is running windows 7. Its just so annoying when you know it can be done but end up looking at ablank space on the screen:wallbash:
Hi, you seem to be doing all the right things. I have this set up on my W204 2012 c180 AMG Sport Plus facelift with Audio 20. I converted all files to mp3, artwork 300x300 or less & using Windows 7. The only difference is that I used Mp3tag (free download) to embed the artwork in the music files, works a treat. Might be worth a try to use Mp3tag on a couple of tracks to see if that works. Couple of other things, what size USB stick are you using I've heard people say anything bigger than 32GB won't work? also what File System is the USB formatted to, it should be FAT (default).
The other variable is image file size. This needs to be below 50kb - regardless of resolution.
I will try these suggestions later and report back. USB is only 8Gb and formatted in FAT32

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