Audio 20 regularly resetting USB device

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Jan 10, 2017
GLA 200D AMG 2016
I've just replaced my old A200D with a new, late 2016 GLA200D and for the most part love the improvements in the updated Audio 20 media system. One thing has been annoying me though.

I regularly leave a*USB*stick in the media port, filled with music to play. In my old A200 the Audio 20 system would always remember the device and what I'd been playing, no matter whether I was playing from it last, had switched to the*radio or turned things off altogether.

The updated Audio 20 in my GLA seems to keep resetting the device though.*Regularly, when I switch to media playback it'll*briefly come up with the*'Activating Device' message and start playing the first track it finds on the*USB stick, rather than whatever had last been playing. I never unplug the USB stick, unless I'm*changing what's on it,*so it's not that which is doing it. Although to be honest, even if I'd removed, updated and replaced it, my A200 would still go back to the track it had been playing last.

Is this behaviour, not remembering what was playing, normal behaviour in the updated Audio 20, or is it something I can fix or change?

I don't think it happens*unless I have switched away from media playback, to the radio or similar, but I can't honestly be 100% sure. It*definitely doesn't happen if I just switch from media to radio and back while the system is running, it seems to just be if I've*left the car and come back to it.

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