Australian ML, American or European?

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Jun 22, 2009
Adelaide, SA
I have a 12/2000 build ML320 built by DaimlerChysler AG. Delivered to Australia in 2001. I would like to know if the car an American spec built for RHD, or is it a Euro (British) spec? The question is relevant as the only workshop info I can lay my hands on is American orientated with the caveats Euro specs may differ, or parts are not interchangeable between Euro spec vehicles and American spec vehicles. Any clues etc.. so I can pin down what I actually have.


Would be closest to euro spec, although the Aussie spec is slightly different again. U.S are generally very different in many areas.
The VIN number certainly does tell you all you need to know.

The first character is country of origin

The second is manufacturer

My VIN begins WD (W=Germany D=Mercedes)

If the first charcater of your VIN isn't a letter but the number 1 or 4, then your car was built in the United States.
I believe MLs of that vintage were built in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. There must be a reason for your query. Ordering parts shouldn't be a problem. If any parts are model specific, with your VIN no. your local parts dept should sort that out.
Thanks for the replies. I am looking at accessories and on most sites they do specify euro spec only etc.. and I would not like to buy a part that doesn't fit or isn't legal here. I will check out the VIN and see what that says. I buy most parts from overseas as parts for MB's are expensive here. It is cheaper going os and paying the freight. But again thanks.
Wow... I can see the reasons for the question and I can see a whole can of worms..

I am guessing the vehicle would have type approval for the Australian market.

As an aside and it might be interesting.

The US E-class has indicators in the front bumpers, so if they were to import these vehicles from the US and put the steering wheel on the correct side, it would have the indicators in the front bumpers, whereas European spec vehicles are clean


Thinking as I am typing... it would not make sense to import from the UK as we deal in miles and I believe you guys have gone 'foreign' and now talk in kilometres? :devil:
The sicker on the frame inside the drivers door should tell you country of origin.
That's odd, my 2001 ML320 VI number starts with WD, which that website confirms it was built in Germany, I thought they were all built in the US at that time.

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