Auto box won't release my key!...

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Aug 20, 2007
High Wycombe
C220 CDI Sport Estate
Hi all,

When I put my auto box into 'park' after a drive it won't let me have my key back :mad:
The only way to get my key out is to move my gear stick around (usually it works best if I push it into the top left corner) but it's extremely frustrating as you can imagine...sometimes I'm there for ages!

I'm reluctant to take it to a stealership until I've tried something myself.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Cheers :)
Depending on which selector mechanism you have dictates the fault. For the regular 'Auto' mech there is a bowden cable connects the selector with the brake pedal and Ign switch. It sounds like the adjustment is wrong.

If the selector is the Tip shift then it's an electrical fault.

I suspect it's the cable though.
can you describe how I can get to it and adjust it myself?...or is it something only a garage can do?
I'm a novice by the way ;-)
Start by removing the dash undertrim and checking the finger on the back of the Ign switch is being pulled back under spring tension. After that it's pretty self explanatory, but if not confident have a garage look at it.

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