Auto dropping out of gear !

Discussion in 'Engine' started by Fig, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. Fig

    Fig New Member

    Aug 4, 2015
    Mercedes clk 240
    I have owned my Merc clk 240 (2004 W209) for 4 months.
    During this time I have found myself in the following position...whilst driving the car has lost gear. There is no shudder or jump just nothing on the accelerator. The car still shows as being in D (drive), it won't 'knock' up or down back into gear, I have had to pull over, stop re select drive and I'm away again. Only happened 3 times in 4 months but not good.
    Am I doing something wrong, is this a problem others have had.
    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Codger49

    Codger49 MB Enthusiast

    May 21, 2015
    South Kent
    W209 CLK500, CLK280; W168 A190; E46 325i
    Suggest you get it to an indie and put on Star.

    I had an issue with my 2006 W209 gearbox not changing gear until stopped and restarted. Turned out to be the gearbox TCU losing contact with the input speed sensor. New TCU plate required - around £600-£700 with fitting.

    There are some cheaper alternatives, e.g. sending your own plate to Bulgaria for repair - Around £150-£200.

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