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Discussion in 'Engine' started by 117, Sep 29, 2015.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2009 W209 CLK200 Kompressor with the 722.6 auto gearbox

    Since I bought the car, the transmission has been showing a few issues

    1) When holding the car in drive or reverse using the brake at a stop, I can feel a vibration, this is definitely coming from the transmission, and the car creeps forwards around 1.5 x the speed of my other automatic CLK when brake released - I have had everything inspected, engine/gearbox mounts replaced, fluid and filter changed in gearbox, and it has gotten slightly better, but mine and my mechanics best guess is that the torque converter is the problem, possibly because it is not unlocking properly when at a stop?

    2)When the car warms up, when driving around 15mph, I feel a jerk which I can only describe as similar to the feeling of letting the clutch off too quickly in a manual car, however this only happens under light acceleration for example in traffic, if I accelerate progressively, everything is fine, which leads to believe the gearbox is OK.

    So this leads me to the question, has anyone experienced similar symptoms from a faulty torque convertor?

    Thanks in advance guys

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