Automatic box to manual in a vito possible?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by S54 TBO, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. S54 TBO

    S54 TBO New Member

    Dec 5, 2016
    Vito sport x
    My first post so hi to everyone!!

    Bought a vito brabus (08) end of last year for a bargain price needing some work doing.

    The van needs body work and some minor niggles sorting, also has an intermittent vibration coming from the rear. My Indy said worst case it could be the auto box which I don't like lol. So if it is it would be a good opportunity to change to manual.

    My questions is does anybody know of a specialist who would be able to fit a manual gearbox?

    I've mentioned it to my local Indy and they said it would be a ball ache due to all sorts of modules which are linked and the ecu's.

    Still the 115 cdi was sold with the same auto as an option and also a 6 speed manual so surely something can be done.

    Any help appreciated

  2. BTB 500

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    Aug 7, 2005
    R129 SL500, W639 Vito 120, S203 C230
    The V6 was never made with a manual gearbox so it wouldn't be an easy job IMHO. Likely to affect insurance too, if you did manage it ("modified" and all that).
  3. wu56Shoozz

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    Jun 17, 2016
    You'll need a passport to get over the Wall..
    MB Vito 111CDi / W203 C Class Saloon 320CDi Avantgarde
    Bill is potentially right ( Hi Bill, How ya doin') the biggest part I think would be the insurance.. I'd ask around first Adrian Flux etc and see what kind of quotes you get.. after that any thing is possible provided you're good with yer hands, have the tools etc etc Back in the day we had a V8 Mini ..was driven from the back seat, front seats removed.. but that was back in the late 70's.. but if you're mechanically minded shouldn't be an issue..

    As to the existing vibration.. I'd check all the prop shafts UJ's for free play, the prop shaft is a huge bug bear on the vito, either the centre bearing causes the fault or the UJ's .. so get that checked first..

    Where are you located?
  4. Benzmanc

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    May 22, 2011
    Tesla Model 3 + Honda Blackbird
    This kind of modification is not frowned upon by insurance companies as i have done it twice in the past. Not with a MB though, as has been mentioned, too many ecu's talking to each other.

    First was a Rover 100 which was an easy job. Second was a MK1 Golf Cab which entailed changing the steering rack and steering column with pedal box too. Both were inspected by VOSA and the V5 duly updated by the DVLA.

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