Automatic transmition 300 CE w 124

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Shah Kar

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Jun 13, 2016
300 CE W124, 500 E, cls 500, S500, SLK 230 compressor, Ponton 180 1956
Dear mates,

My Automatic transmition 300 CE w 124 is starting from the 2. gear
If I draw it to the 1. gear manualy it starts from the 1. gear .
If I kick down it shifts down to the first gear. but on a normal smoooth driving startas with the secund gear. new gear oil and filter is replaced and no change. can any one help me with some advices ?


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Is this a new issue? The 320 starts in second unless forced into first by heavy use of the throttle. The 300 may be the same.
Hi. I have the same car and I think you will find they all pull away in second gear as normal unless you boot it.
if the mileage is over 120k it is worth changing filter in the gearbox anyways
All 4 speeds start on the second so that's normal
As above - it's normal- I now have an E280 estate with 5 speed but it is nothing compared to my old 300CE with 4 speed - what a fantastic drive chain- enjoy

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