Autosport International Show @ NEC

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Aug 12, 2010
B8.5 S5 Coupe 430hp/520nm
Hey everyone,

Anybody heading up to this at all?

One of my friends is there at the minute via some trade passes and keeps sending me random images, looks like a decent set up this year so wondered if anyone is headed to the NEC for it?

I'm tempted to go tomorrow but the weather forecast keeps changing for when snow is or isn't due and want to take the E-Cab for a nice long run but don't want to get caught out in a snow shower
I'm there Sunday Nab - with tickets for the live action arena booked for 2.00pm, so I expect to get to the halls by 11.30am.
Ahh see I would have been there on Sunday also with the arena tickets at 2pm but double booked as I'm up at football on Sunday (priorities right?) so sold those tickets on. Hence having to "settle" for Saturday, I went last year on the Sunday and got in as it opened and ended up meeting Paul Di Resta as he was just wondering around near the F1 display - had a security guard the size of a house shadowing him.

Not so fussed about the arena/paddock after the gaffe of the supposed paddock pass last year which was a joke - couldn't even get within 40 feet of the cars in use, but there aren't any decent show times left now anyway. There are some interesting and rather nice looking cars on the auction lot so always worth a good nosey.

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