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Aug 1, 2016
I would like to install the aux input cable in my 2003 clk (w209) which still has the cassete player radio and the 6 cd magazine changer. Is there a way to check that my car will accept this install without having to remove the glovebox side panel and doorsill plastic to check for the wiring harness? I would like to avoid going through all that trouble just to see if the wiring is there.

That doesn't really tell you; it effectively says "...don't know, maybe around 2006 for the CLK".

I think the only thing to do is lift the door sill plastic and look for the connector. - Leave the glovebox alone until you're ready to install.
I looked at whitenemesis' link but am still unable to figure it out. Also tried to find wiring diagrams for my stereo nut with no luck. My stereo looks exactly like the one in the attached pictures. I believe it's an audio 10 MC. Maybe someone else has actually done this mod?


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You cant. Only COMAND has an AUX input. The radio.cassette does not.

Since I use the empty space below the radio for other stuff, installing a command unit would take up that space. Is there no option to upgrade the stereo unit but with something of the same size as the Audio 10 that would allow the AUX IN cable installation? I wouldn't mind giving up the CD changer if it meant I could connect an ipod to it.
You cant. Only COMAND has an AUX input. The radio.cassette does not.

Definitive answer. :thumb:

Is there an option to install an after-market head unit (e.g. Sony) that has an aux input? - The head unit in my Nissan will accept both a CD changer and auxiliary input.

(This is just academic for me; I've got COMAND with an auxiliary input already.)

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