Avantgarde grill on my W124!

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Feb 14, 2012
W210 E200 Kompressor
Finally got round to changing the grill on my 124. Had to remove the old one out of the frame and install the new one which took a little work to fit correctly by looks lovely even if I do say so myself!


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Did you get just an insert or did you buy a complete grill assembly?

Just the insert. I used a metal strip (off a W210 door) to ensure it was pushed out, otherwise it has huge gaps all round. The original metal clips don't do enough.
On my 'to do' list! Got a set of 16 inch 8-holes. just need to refurb them and source the tyres.
looks nice mate, i think a headlight refurb next and then maybe a personalised number plate would modernise the look immensely
Although I am a stickler for originality, I must admit that I like the look of your W124's grille.
i've always fancied doing this. Was this from a W210 grille or a W140 grille?
I had one of these but in the end found it just too glitzy so I removed every other chrome strip, trying the look first by masking off with black insulation tape, then it looked, to me, much nicer. Unfortunately can't locate a picture, I've sold her now to a very keen Spanish enthusiast.
I bought the grill insert off ebay, takes a little work to make it fit flush but the end result is excellent.
Mercedes E Class W124 AVANTGUARD GRILLE FACELIFT 94-95 | eBay

I prefer to keep the car as original as possible but this is a subtle change that gives it a much younger look.
I think it was getting darker when I took the picture but the lights are very clean as its a very low mileage car.

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