Avon ZZ3's £339.90 for 4

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Jun 12, 2008
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Currently have really sh1ty tryes on the car which have no grip in the wet. National can supply and fit Avon ZZ3's for £340 (buy 3 get 4th free) I think thats a good deal. Anyone got any thoughts on the matter? Anyone using or have used them?

I am using 245/40YR17 Avon ZZ3 for a second year without any problems (on BMW 323i) for everyday driving. There are holding car on the street even in cases when the weather conditions are not well (last winter) and my drive is not smooth (like a "from the church")
Have used them B4 not the best in the world, but also not the worst.
For the money cheap as chips.
What sizes are they?
They are 235/45/17s 94w. They seem to get mixed reviews but I dont think i will get better for the price. Can make up my own mind for that price.

Cheers for replying troops
Avon tyres are cheap generally but that's probably because they aren't as good as the other leading brands.

They are primarily for the British market too as you don't see them anywhere else but here. Not sure that's a good thing really.

I have been skating about on Triangle Talons for the past 8 months (they came incuded with the alloys). I have been putting off replacing them due to being tight, but ended up facing the wrong way coming off a round about this morning. It was fun, but not want I was hoping for at the time.

So I think the Avons will be an improvement but I do take your point.

Never been impressed with their car tyres, but they're pretty good at two-wheeled rubber.
Using blackcircles and discount-vouchers, I can get 4 Falken 452's fitted for £375. Im assuming most would agree that these would be a better bet than the Avons?

Have used 225-50/16 ZZ3's on my Celica GT4 for about 3 years.

I'd rate both wet and dry grip as good, wear as average and price as excellent!!

If you're into a not-quite-premium tyre an excellent choice.


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