Awesome C63 Black replica.........

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What a pile
Where do you start with this car?

HG03 AMG = £900??

6.3 wing/AMG badges on a CLK 270?

The only rare thing is that it's a manual
^ Its a shame the guy who did this wasted his money on the wrong model to do a black series C63 lookalike. If you can look past the fact its totally the wrong shape and has different headlights, the guy has done a reasonable job with his conversion. OK, those that know will laugh, but it will fool others not too familiar with the brand.

A boy racer and frequent Halfords customer will probably snap it up and be the envy of his mates:D
As I said in a previous 'conversion' thread, there is nothing wrong with a replica bodykit IMO, most look better than a standard car.

Just don't badge or call it what it isn't.

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