B-Class Fake leather seat replacement

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Dec 3, 2022
New Zealand
R172 JDM SLK200
Two B-class cars I've owned came with the "701A LEATHER COMBINATION - BLACK/ANTHRACITE" which is actually vinyl, not leather. Over time, in both cars, the driver side had cracked before I bought the car.

This has a remarkable effect on the price of the car. In both cases, the vendor substantially discounted the asking price because a worn seat gives the impression the car is worn out.


The solution is found in your pick-a-part wrecking yard. Both A and B class from the era have the same seats, and the passenger set bottom is identical to the driver's side


  • The green arrows show the floor bolt holes covered with plastic covers you pop off.
  • If you have not done so, invest in a torx tool set. You will need it to remove the bolts.
  • Your lawyer will tell you to disconnect the battery so horrible things don't happen like an airbag will explode in your face or the car will catch fire and destroy your garage. Consider yourself warned.
  • Unplug the electric connection to the seat - red arrows
  • Unbolt the four bolts that hold the seat bottom in place - yellow arrows
  • Replace with the parts-yard good passenger side seat
  • Reinstall everything in the reverse order
Then order seat covers from "https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002438320348.html". The seats will crack again, so protect them while they are still good. Or forget about the above, and just cover the cracked seat.

Buying from AliExpress vendors is risky. Some stuff looks great but turns out to be poor quality materials, poor fit or poor assembly. Thus shared experience is appreciated. I tried this vendor, who appears to actually make the custom covers, not broker them, and was pleasantly surprised. They fit well and looked good. Of course. like Mercedes when they say genuine leather, they mean genuine petroleum processed into fake leather (sometimes called PU or Nappa), but it looks good and holds up well. I subsequently bought a set for the SLK200 and for the Honda CRV we keep for house guests.

Funny thing about AliExpress pricing however. The link had a string of characters after the html, and when I stripped them out so it would not be so long in this post, the price dropped from $71.35 to $64.43. Note this is for one seat only. If you are fussed about what you pay, AliExpress is a hunter's paradise. You can find the same product for a wide range of prices, with all sorts of discounts, sometimes free shipping, and sometimes the supposedly premium shipping costs less.

These are the seat covers installed. The wrinkle is because it just came out of the package (a plastic bag, not impressive) that soon disappeared. As you can see, they were custom to my W245 with all the right holes for the many levers used to adjust the seat. I had to send in photographs before they began the order. At the time, they did not offer rear seat covers, but that may have changed.


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