B class

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Nov 18, 2023
Fareham UK
B 180 CDI sport Executive 7g-dct
Hi all, so collected my B class 1.5 cdi sport executives today, very pleased with it so far but a few things i am not sure off so any help would be good. I have looked through the hand book but some makes no sense to me and some just confused me, So can anyone tell me is it a W247, do i have if so how do i use the park assist and what are the handles under the back seat for. any help great. once theses are sorted i am sure i will need more help. Thanks Kevin
Hi and welcome,

Parking assist. If your display shows a blue P when stopped or driving below 20 mph, you have parking assist. Plenty of You Tube vids on how to use.
The rear seats can move forwards or backwards, not just the backs; the whole seat, so that maybe the handles you refer to. Enjoy the car..

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