B piller trim replacement

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Sep 20, 2014
Mercedes Vito
Right good folks.
I'm in the middle of a conversion of a 55 vito into a campervan, and when I took the headliner out from above the front cab to repai it, I managed to lose one of the trim pieces that sit on top of the B pillar trim sections.
It's a small rounded corner piece that joined the top of the seatbelt trim section with the headliner.
Anyone know where I can source a replacement?!?
Think the part number of its opposite twin is
A 639 629 61 01?
I can take a photo of it tonight, and the spot where it is supposed to go.
Photos of the missing trim




Best way i can explain it is as follows.

As my van doesnt have a rear headliner (it has the heavy duty plastic panels instead) this little piece of trim sits on top of the upright seatbelt surround trim, and clips onto the front headliner which stops half way through the B pillar trim/seatbelt surround trim.
Its a corner moulding that faces towards the sliding rear doors and wraps round the large mounting that protrudes into the van (sliding door bracket mount) that you can see in in the photo of the B pillar.
Imagine the part i need as being the inner part of the rear headliner section that joins with the front headliner above the B pillar, as seen in this photo i found online.
Its the join between the front healiner and the rear headliner ( being a Vito not a traveliner mine doesnt have the rear headliner section)

Hope this helps !


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the part number you need is a a6396926001, but the colour is shown as being orion grey which is 7d43, yours look black ??? or have you painted them ??

I "tried" painting them. But it just flaked off with hours.
I shall hunt down that part tomorrow. Do you think a main dealer would have it on the shelf?? ;-)
Probably not. Which side is it you need ?? as long as you only want the grey standard one , i will have a look and see if i have one.

Let me know and i will have a look when i get home from work for you.

I believe its the Passenger side part that I need.

Cheers Nick
I know where there is the exact number part your wanting. But if Nicks already sorted you out that's great..
Cheers chaps, managed to order the part from a place in Thurrock for £8.
Can't say thank you enough for you help tracking the bit down tho.
I'm sure I'll be back on here at some stage when I lose more bits during the conversion project ;-)
ok mate , no problems

post some pictures up when you get the chance , always good to see other conversions

Shall i upload the photos to this thread, or should i try and open a new one in the MOD-CONVERSION section of the website??
Cause i have lots of photos of each stage of the conversion as im going along :)
Starting to strip out the old crash tested seats and rails ready for the floor to be stripped out, patched up, insulated and re floored.
Had to strip out the diesel heater (Erspatcher) as well as its location was in the most bloody awful place!


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Interior shots before and after being stripped out ready for insulating.


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