B002113 The squib for the left windowbag/headbag has a malfunction. There is an open circuit.

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Feb 4, 2013
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I am trying to help a friend who owns a W177 A Class that has thrown this fault code. Looking with Xentry I can see this open circuit fault has been picked up twice in the last week or so but not previously in their ownership. The car was delivered new on 1/4/2019 and was purchased at about 8 months old - I believe the car was probably an MB Sales Demonstrator vehicle. The fault was first logged at 35,408 Km and the second time at 35,712 Km and was not current when I scanned the vehicle. I cleared the code and of course the SRS light is now off and no warnings displayed on the IC. But for how long? I fully expect this to pop back in due course but I am wondering if anyone with personal experience of this can shed any light on the likely area where this intermittent open circuit might be?

Searching the internet produces lots of confusing information relating to SRS faults. A lot of people point to the seat occupancy mat or sensor but I am pretty sure there would be a different code for that plus it is definitely still working OK (place an object on the seat and it warns the seat belt isn't fastened). There also seems some confusion over the term squab as in the seat base cushion and squib in the pyrotechnic sense.

My gut feeling is I am looking for a wiring connectivity issue rather than a faulty airbag unit but any clues on where to start the search would a great help!
Realistically we may just have to wait until the fault becomes more permanent so it can be properly diagnosed. Thanks for reading.

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