Back fron the Balkans


Jun 2, 2002
West London
SL500 & The Fart Car
Well I'm back from the Balkans safe and sound but the W201 will be staying out there for a while longer as we've decided to leave it there at least until christmas so we can get away and do some skiing with it.

As expected, the car was faultless and took the 1000 mile drive down in its stride. Door to door in 15 hours and about half a litre of engine oil. :D

The local mountain roads were interesting with the winter tyres still fitted in 35 degree heat. Predictable at least but you could get them to howl without trying too hard and if you were pushing on a bit the back would break free in a nice slow progressive slide whilst screaming hard. :D

Trips to the sea side laden with roof bars, roof box, a boot filled to the brim and 5 occupants in soaring heat punished the old girl a little but thank heavens for the spring assisters I fitted the day before leaving or we would have been dragging the rear end there and back.

I even went venturing off road in her. Nothing technical or anything but certainly more serious stuff than I would dare take any 'normal' car. I'll try and get a video up on Youtube at some point for a giggle.

Oh well... back to work tomorrow - 5000 emails in my inbox. :crazy:

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