Back in a Benz with an EQC400!

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Nov 11, 2003
South Bucks
2023 Mercedes EQC400, 2015 Porsche 911 Turbo S, 2019 BMW X5 40i
Hi all, some of you may remember me as a previous long term member many years ago (W168 2002 A160, and then a W203 2001 C320 which I added the AMG bodykit to) who then defected to BMW for many years. Well I'm glad to say I'm now back in a Benz...

...perhaps controversially with an EQC 400. I picked up one of the great value lease deals that was going on pre-reg'd ones a couple of months ago.

To be fair, despite moving over to having BMW's I was never really that far away, I used to check in on the forum from time to time even without a Mercedes on the driveway albeit not posting anywhere near as much.

Anyway, back to the car, I went for it in AMG Line Premium spec (gosh it's a bit of a mouthful!) in Graphite Grey. As it was pre-registered I couldn't pick anything bar the colours they had in stock. I would have liked a Premium Plus to get head up display (been spoilt having it on so many cars now) and would have also liked adaptive cruise control but at the time I was looking there weren't any cars with adaptive cruise available.

Anwyay, it's serving its purpose as a daily hack and have been super happy with it so far. Feels like build quality has improved too, the interior of the EQC certainly feels premium.
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And beware the EV-bashers :D
Absolutely, they're on all forums and I've been one too :) - figured I'd see what it's like for real!

Welcome back and congratulations on your new car. You’ve been around long enough to know the house rules…

Indeed Bobby, I'll sort that out soon!

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