backlight on the odometer

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Aug 18, 2004
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the backlight has gone on the odometer in my car. The surrounding warning lights are on fine and the mileage is still counting. Does anyone know if this just requires a replacement bulb or is it something more serious?
Most likely just the bulb - I had to change one for the OTG on my W202. Should be a quick job, pop the instument cluster out and the bulb just twists out IIRC.

Bulb costs a couple of quid or there abouts, fitting should take less than 10 minutes if you know what you are doing :)

Try a search for instrument cluster (or similar) for removal instructions, otherwise it is pretty much a case of undoing the panel where your legs are, and pushing the cluster out from behind.

Good luck,

I'd say that you are better using the method as described on here ;)

Cheaper and safer IMHO, I think someone said that there is some risk of damaging the cluster by using those tools (if you are not careful/unlucky!)

Remove the panel where your knees/legs sit (held in place with a few screws) and then you can reach behind the cluster. Give it a push from behind and it should pop out, they are only held in with friction IIRC :)

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