Bas/asr Acc.skid

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Jun 24, 2002
I was driving home last from work on Friday night when the warning
"BAS" appeared on the console then a few seconds later "ASR" and below that "ACC.SKID CONTROL". On Saturday morning I started the car and saw the warning "LAMP DEFECTIVE". The front O/S headlight bulb has blown. I replaced that but I am still seeing the BAS/ASR warnings.

About 6 months ago, one of the tail lights blew and I saw exactly the BAS/ASR warnings. Replacing the bulb sorted out the warnings but not this time. The cruise control no longer works.

Could the headlamp bulb problem be related to the BAS/ASR and could it be that what I am experiencing is the OBC or something else retailing a spurious warning and needs to be reset.

How is the OBC reset on this vehicle ?
Any ideas of what this problem might be ?

Thanks in advance
Could be something as simple as a brake/stop light switch, I think, though I'm happy to be corrected.

Cruise issue may or may not be related. The control stalk is a common point of failure in W210s so it could just be coincidence.
on the W202, when the BAS/ASR light comes on, and if it's the brake switch, the cruise control also stops working.
Most BAS / ABS / ESP faults will inhibit the cruise control. The faults can clear after ign off then back on or by turning steering full lock left then right.

In my case the front pads were worn so that the wear sensor was just starting to be exposed.

On other threads the brake light switch can cause these faults in this case the cruise will not work at all if the aux contacts in the switch have broken.

I had the BAS/ASR Acc Skid etc problem touring in France last summer. First I knew of it, one rear wheel spun up on moderate power, and the ABS cut in on gentle braking. The local MB dealer fixed it by replacing the brake light relay switch thingy. Cost 140 euros including 30 minutes labour and parts.
Same thing happened to the A-class before Xmas, same fix. Dealer said it's a known problem with the W210 but rarer with the A-class. Btw the A-class presented the problem differently, as it powered down the engine as well as displaying the ABS etc warning.
- Birdman
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I had the same problem on my clk, turned out not to be the brake light switch, but was one of the rear wheel speed sensors

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