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    Not sure im posting in the correct section, but.....

    Been looking at a 1999 e320 cdi problem for a friend. I have read through a fair amount of posts with regard to these warning lights on the dash.
    I have put a scanner on the car and have the following error codes -

    C1140-16 .....N49 (steering angle sensor): stored & current

    C1504-009.....The system is switched off. Steering angle sensor is not initialised

    I am unable to clear the codes and turning the steering wheel lock to lock several times makes no difference.

    Many claim to have rectified this type of problem by replacing the brake light switch. All the brake lights are working and I can see the switch turning off and on with the scanner when pressing the brake pedal.
    I know that sometimes somethings can defy logic, so has anybody had the same circumstances and it actually been the brake light switch at fault?

    Turning the steering wheel with the scanner connected gives a constant 0 value, but I would guess that to be the case if its not initialsed.

    Does the C1140-16 point to the steering angle sensor being faulty?

    The battery has apparently gone flat a couple of times in recent months through the car not getting used, but I have put another 95Ahr battery on it, which shows 13volts without any load on it.

    Trying to eliminate changing parts that might not be necessary, given that its fairly old now and not worth a great deal of money.

    Many thanks for any suggestions.

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