Bathroom designers/fitters?

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Jun 1, 2002
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Hopefully by the new year I will be moving into my house to start married life with my wife (tenants out)

Although it's a 3 bedroom house the bathroom is on the ground floor! (at the front of the house)

The Master bedroom is wide and (takes the whole front of the house) it has a shower cubicle (inline with the bath downstiars)

I want to make a mini on suite bathroom -the tricky bit:

The side of the house has a slant and and a cupborad is made there which houses a combi boiler (within the bedroom) I know that the toilet has to go under this slant so it would be inline with the one downstairs (side of the house)

The current boiler has developed a leak and as it is 10 years old I will replace it.

Anyone know any good designers/fitters?
Bathroom fitters are a breed apart, I ordered a new bathroom suite for a brand new bathroom last feb 6th it was finally fitted in august then the amtico floor tile man came ran out of tiles and could not get a match so the whole lot had to come up including the bathroom suite (toilet,sink etc was fitted after the floor when the amtico man said he could match up) wrong, looks nice now I have stopped swearing.

Plenty around, but good ones? Ah, that is very different.

The guy who did my bathroom, shower room & downstairs washroom (not all at once!) is fully booked for 2005. He will not subcontract jobs, works with his sons and people are prepared to wait for a first class job.

Trouble is that beause he is so good now got into really upmarket work. Current job has a budget of £95K, but that does include bath "you could have a damn good party in", wet shower room with multiple shower heads, stand alone whirlpool, sauna, cold plunge bath & a lot of marble. I doubt he will take on smaller jobs again and i think that is the problem.

Do not go for anyone who advertises or markets heavily. there is a reason why they have to!
When we upgraded our bathroom, we decided what we wanted in the bathroom, fittings etc, drew a plan and layout, went to the local bathroom showrooms, didn't know there were that many :crazy:, decided where we were going to purchase the goods and asked them to recommend a fitter. Most showrooms offer this service, and have good fitters working with them, worth asking. The guys they recommended did everything, tiling, plumbing and did a good job. We did not buy all the materials from the same outlet, we bought the tiles from one place, shower, wash basin unit and wall cupboard from another and the ceramic items from a third. The fitter was recommended by the shower people. Good luck with yours.

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