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Jun 21, 2010
w204 c220 cdi sport
hi I have a 2012 w204 which I purchased in feb this year with the Becker map pilot in the glove box I decided today to try and update the map as it is very out of date so I removed the unit from the glove box and connected it to my MacBook with a generic usb lead I had in the house as I don't have the red lead I cannot get the map content manager to load all I get is a security message from apple saying its not a trusted app so I tried on my daughters pc but still no joy I see there is an SD card slot on the side of the unit can I buy updated maps on card and just insert the card if so where do I get them from ? the unit works fine in the car just out of date I have seen the units on sale on eBay are they just plug and play maybe I should just buy one of these any help would be appreciated.
a. There's no need to use an original Becker USB cable, any USB cable will do, though it's a rather arcane type of connector on the BMP side (called 'Mini-USB'). That said, trying a different cable would be the first thing to do.

b. I suggest that you stick to Windows PC and not try this on MacOS, the Windows OS is more mainstream.

c. I suggest that you try first to update the firmware on the BMP box, it's a free download from the BMP website (but you'll need to create an account and register the unit first, if not done so already). The firmware upgrade will update the OS and the navigation software.

d. When downloading the Becker Content Manager, make sure that you have downloaded the correct version for your model (there are several versions of the software).

e. The SD-Card slot is indeed for additional maps, though I don't know of anyone who ever used it, and I am not sure if it can be used as a workaround to the connectivity issue that you are experiencing. I suggest that you don't use the SD-Card, but concentrate your efforts on finding a proper fix to the problem.

Good luck.
Before you do anything, I'd suggest you back up what you have already. Just in case it goes Pete Tong 😉

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