Becker Traffic Pro or Blaupunkt Travelpilot?

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Dec 23, 2003
Porsche 911
Hi All,

Title says it all really. I was 'this close' to getting a TTG, but then decided to go for a 1-DIN head unit for a tidier look.

So, any comments observations or recommendations?

Many thanks
I have the Travelpilot DXR70, but much prefer the TTG, it is so much better having the full colour display with real maps and also the benefit of speed camera warnings.

I mounted mine to the right of the instrument cluster and it looks OK, it would be nice to try and build it into the ashtray area but the great thing about the TTG is that it can be easily moved between cars.

The Blaupunkt also uses DX discs, I have the 2003 maps and it is very out of date, gets me lost more than getting it right, hence why I went for the TTG.
Thanks. I'm really struggling with what to do.

I agree with you on the real maps point, as my present arrangement is a notebook with Garmin Mapsource, nice big colour maps etc. but that is bulky and crude so I wanted something that is "just there" without the clutter. I also liked the idea of the stereo being muted when the nav directions are given, not sure if the TTG does this.

And I figured if the thing is talking to me then I don't need the map??

Ideally it would be a motorised touch-screen jobbie, but not without a lottery win.

Decisions decisions!! I am SOOOO stuck on this one!
nickmann said:
And I figured if the thing is talking to me then I don't need the map??
The voice directions are the most useful part of it, but having a view of your path through the junction just before you get to it is pretty helpful!
Jimmy - does the TravelPilot have an AUX in?
I've got a Becker and am extremely pleased with it. It does have a small display showing you which exit to take at roundabouts etc, but to be honest the voice commands are adequate 99% of the time.
I had a Becker TrafficPro in our A Class, it was a fantastic unit, highly recommended.

Although the display is small it's surprising how useful it was for roundabouts, road layouts etc. I was going for the Blaupunkt Travel Pilot DX52, however the Becker TrafficPro's are a much closer OEM look. Besides they're also standard fit to Maserati, Ferrari & Porsche so that's what sold me. In fact I never used to take the removable panel out as it looked so OEM. (Luckily it didn't attract any stereo thieves!)

Have COMAND in the C & S. To be honest the full colur & the large screen doesn't make much difference although it looks damn cool. I tend to rely on the instrument cluster nav display which has a similar look to that of the Becker anyway as it's just pictorial.

Hope this helps...

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