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Dec 15, 2006
Back in Mill Hill but sometimes in Skiathos
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Hi Guys,

I have been away for a while as our summer season is upon us and I have only just had the chance to go on-line.

The new pool bar is going well, some weeks good and some weeks slow. I am doing some other stuff as well, eg quiz nights, looking after some hotel gardens and looking after some villas owned by English people, so there is plenty going to keep me out of trouble.

The season in general has been good for many hoteliers, taverna and bar owners and we still have August to come. This is by far the busiest time here with the island swamped by wealthy Athenians and Italians. There has been no real sign of the financial problems that we see on tv or read about in the papers.

The W202 is still in a Volos car-park but I hope to retrieve it soon. The w124 and the Voyager are sitting in my garden as we have a new police-chief here who knows the score re foreign plated cars. The law is that foreign cars can only stay here for a max of 6 months. As this is a small island we have been getting away with it for yonks but no more. So, to get around this we have bought a new car.....

A Greek plated Suzuki Samurai now graces our driveway. It is a super little car with enough power to get me up into the mountains, 4 wheel drive for when the going gets tough, convertable for the summmer and no electonic gadgets to go wrong.

I really like it and although it doesn't have power steering my wife cannot keep her hands off it.

If anyone knows anything about these cars, I would love to hear as the Samurai forums are rubbish.



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