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Nov 18, 2010
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An on-the-run ostrich has been causing traffic chaos in Tunbridge Wells after racing cars at more than 40mph today.
The fugitive flightless bird ruffled feathers on the main road between Rusthall and Speldhurst.
It was reportedly spotted running past a row of more than 20 cars in Lower Green Road this morning.


Ostriches are native to Africa. Library image

Drivers pulled over so they did not hit the escaped ostrich, said to have been on the run since December.
The drama caused queues of more than 20 minutes from about 8.30am, with motorists coming to a halt to avoid hitting the bird.
Jokers have now set up a Twitter account for the "free range" bird called TWellsOstrich.

Posts include "Time to hit the road! Watch out for me this morning" and "I'm very tired from running around Tunbridge Wells all day!"
Other posts read: "There I was confidently gambolling down the road and everyone started staring at me. I don't know why", and "I am a free range Ostrich I have you know".
The bird is thought to be about 2ft - adult ostriches can grow to more than 9ft and can run at up to 60mph.

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