Belt Squeel?

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Jun 2, 2002
West London
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Belt Squeal?

After suffering repeatedly from belt squeal despite retentioning the belt and replacing it, it the squeal kept coming back to haunt me.

After a bit of research, it is common for the belts to go dry (apparently) and Mercedes in their wisdom have a solution to the problem squeeks from rubber belts and similar. Part # 000 989 8451

Unfortunately, this stuff is priced like gold dust @£30/100ml. I tried some the other day and sure enough it has done the trick. Only a tiny amount is required so this pot is likely to last me a lifetime. (mebbe I should put a post in the classified section ...5ml for £5 or something :eek:)


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How intriguing.
I have had this problem but get round it by cleaning the belt with a wire brush with engine at idle - really dodgy and you need to exercise great care :eek: but it seems to work.

I buy/sell a similar product called 'Dry Silicone', it's in an aerosol, 400ml for much less than £30.

I find a very short squirt works a treat, not needed to use it on the Merc as yet but used it on a 523i last week to quiten it down.

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