Bent wheels - options?

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Apr 25, 2010
E350 CGI, S212 2010
Car is 2010 E350CGI Estate, wheels are original, been refurbished (poorly) once with an attempt(again poor) at straightening them.
I now have a small pressure loss in a rear, down to a flat in the alloy, no cracking so time to do something about it.
As I see it I have a couple of options:-
1, have these straightened and refinished again, but at a decent place (anyone used the Wheel Specialist? Franchises so may be variable quality - I'm inquiring at the Leeds branch)
2, Buy a new/used set, CLK320 on here is selling a set from a A207 but they are 0.5" narrower front and back. (and my <30 posts prohibits me responding to his ad...)
3, I have a set of E63 alloys that I got when I bought a set of winter tyres, the front offset is such that it scuffs the inner wheel arch at front, perhaps have these machined to increase front offset??

If 1 or 2 get the vote then I'll sell the E63 rims to fund chosen route

Your opinions would be most welcome
So I visited Wheel Specialist in Leeds and they kindly spun up the suspect wheel, massive out of round, clearly no point in trying a repair as the front face is also out of true.
I have purchased a set of 213 alloys, 19" which are in really decent condition and will last a while before they will need refurb.

I'm assuming that I can swap out the tpms from original wheels?

I need to sell off the E63 alloys which may as well go with the winter tyres on them as they are 18".

Did discover that the original bolts are barely long enough even to protrude through the hole in the 213 alloys for the same amount of thread showing I will need to go to approx 48mm. Looking around it seems they come in 45mm or 50 mm. Any views on best option and where I might best source them. I realise I'll need radiused bolts.

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