Best C Class sound settings - standard stereo

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Mar 26, 2016
2016 C300h Premium
Hi all.

Taking delivery of brand new S205 C300h premium on Monday. Really excited.

I didn't bother going for premium plus as the extra £1500 on list didn't seem worth it. Reading subsequently across the Internet it seems the standard head unit/speakers aren't anything special - which surprises me in a £40k car!!!

Has anybody found what the optimal settings for bass, mid and treble are to get the best out of this system?

In my Passat, I fade somewhat to the front, with low bass, mid a bit higher and more treble again.

Thanks in advance.

I have bass on 10 (it's nothing earth shaking on max but decent enough) and then currently fiddling with the mid range and treble. At the moment I've got mid at 5 and treble at 6; let me know what you end up with. I've had my car about 3 weeks now.

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