Best car wax to use ??

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Mar 6, 2013
Any idears on getting swirl marks out off paintwork ???
I here g3 is good any recommendations :confused:
Hi there,

A wax is an lsp otherwise known as a protection. This is a product purely used to protect your hardworking in cleaning and polishing your vehicle. As well as enhancing the depth/warmth of the painted surfaces of your car. A mixture of compounds & polishes are what you need to remove defects such as swirls from your cars paintwork. To start it depends wether you were going to have ago by hand or by rotary polisher. If you are going to attempt by hand you will remove nothing especially on nano lacquer mb paint. To remove swirls you will need to spread the abrasive compounds fast enough to generate heat. This will enable the micro abrasives to break down in the compound to enable then to physically remove swirls and scratches. All you can do by hand is use a filler polish that has mild abrasives such as AG SRP or black hole glaze. This will help mask up defects and are designed to use by hand. I have plenty of threads on here about paint correction, so have a browse:) Hope that helps!

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Have a look here:

Consumer - Surface Prep from Meguiar's UK

I would do the following:

1. Clay bar car
2. Get a good swirl remover
3. Polish for a great shine
4. Wax every 3 months to maintain shine

Meguiars provide good products for a reasonable price, and they can provide a 3 stage product that will help.

Depends how bad the swirls are though as you may have to machine polish out.

As for wax I used Dodo Juice hard and soft waxes for white paint.

Dodo Juice® Online UK Shop - Full Product Range & Fast Free Delivery
You can mask them temporarily with AG super resin polish topped off with a wax finish.

Blackfire 3000 and a DA using a hex pad will remove the swirls and a good pre-wash two bucket and rinse wash regime will reduce the opportunity for them to return.

Don't go anywhere near T-cut it will make things worse so quickly it's not true.
Hi why don't you try Showroom Shine from Greased Lightning,I find it amazing on my SL350 paintwork looks like new again,so easy to use and no polish marks ,I know what you mean and they are a thing of the past.
AutoExpress have some done a detailing spray review - showroom shine didn't do very well....

Well I can only say that my SL350 looks great after showroom shine,never seen a finish to compare.I will not use anything else.
Showroom shine is nothing but silicone spray.

Try using a can of Pledge furniture polish.

You'll get the same results - highly shiny, not durable and not protecting the paint.
swirl marks needs a machine polish to come out. find a local a pro detailer to do it. once you get it done, avoid the ten pound car washes - they are the swirl inflictors, using dirty, grimy sponges on your pride and joy. imagine having a shower and then using a towel on yourself that thirty guys before you have used. if you can, only wash your car by hand using the two bucket method. if you can't, leave it dirty till you have time, or pay someone to do it. it'll majorly reduce your swirling. happy days!
Hi sorry I do not agree with your comments,have you any proof of what you say,what about the Carnauba wax in showroom shine and if it is good enough for Listers who use it on their Mercedes in the showrooms then it is good enough for me,as I say my SL looks like new so you can keep your furniture polish.
^^ In order for the dirt to lift off in combined used with a microfibre cloth and leave behind a gloss finish it has to done via a silicone base, the silicone is what leaves behind the 'shiny' finish. #i'm not going to comment on whatever dealerships use as it will always be the cheapest way of creating a 'shine' - hence the silicone base.

It's no more than that, what you are putting on the car, as a once over it's fine. Durability is going to be non existent, i.e look good for a day or two then you'll have to spray it each and every time.

This is an emulsion based product using a small % of carnauba. - In order to create a liquid QD ( which is basically what this is ) you'll need the wax itself, i.e carnauba, a percentage of mixing agent i.e beeswax, then emulsifiers to create a water based product.

In most terms you can create a 10/90 mix - this is 10% wax base and 90% water. If this was just a carnauba base wax mix then it'll work ok as a QD. - however to 'boost' the product up a bit, add a few silicones into the mix to allow for gloss enhancers. - It's cheap grade carnauba always used in these mixes as well -Carnauba difference can be likened to a full on matured whisky malt and an Aldi east european fast cut version.

Trust me you would get the very same finish, look and shine if you used Pledge.

Old showroom tricks of making a car look shiny have not improved over the years, just been given different names & marketed using 1980's style fast sell techniques.

For protecting a car properly, and offering a good finish to the paint you need to look at other products.

To give a reference on an emulsion/silicon based liquid polish - created cheaply for say 500ml of product, this could be done & created for around 15p. - the bottle it comes in is more expensive than the product..

However... if you are happy..

Sorry OP - to go off topic a wee bit.
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It's all in the prep work too. Use Dodo Juice Lime Prime to prep the surface. Then you can try a product like Scratch X by Megs if you want but if the swirls are not cured by that then I would recommend 3M Fast Cut with a Orange Lake and Country Pad and DA polisher.
Hi yes I did try pledge but only on my furniture thanks.I will stick to my Greased Lightning as it works perfectly well on my car.
Im no expert but for what its worth i use Carnauba Wax and never use a polish. My old girl does`t shine quite as much as showroom condition but the water run off her and the muck doesn`t stick as much as some i`ve tried.
Any idears on getting swirl marks out off paintwork ???
I here g3 is good any recommendations :confused:
Hi, I have just bought a new C220 AMG Sport Plus in black and the Mercedes dealer recommended Mer products. I used them yesterday on the car and it looks fantastic. I looked for quite a while to find the best product but in the end I am very happy with the outcome. The good news is that Halfords currently have an offer of 3 for the price of 2 on their car cleaning range, so there is a bargain to be had i.e. I saved £19.99 by buying 3 bottles of Mer Wax. I hope that helps.
As wax adds very little to the actual finish of the paintwork (maybe 3-5%) spending £xxxx's is just for your own satisfaction. The whole point in wax/sealant is to protect the paintwork from external sources/contamination.

One wax which I can't rate high enough for this is Collinite 476s - two coats of that and you will have between 6-9 months protection. Search for it on eBay you can generally pick it up with an applicator for £16incl. P&P.

My last car which I fully corrected by machine and was 100% perfect I done a 50/50 on the bonnet between 476s and Zymol Vintage (~£2200) and to the untrained eye no one could tell which was which as they looked the same. I do however, continue to use Vintage during summer as I've got it and it is nice to use.

EDIT: to remove swirl marks completely you will need to purchase a DA kit with pads/polishes and spend some time making it shine. You can try AutoGlym Super Resin Polish by hand which will help fill them and just wax over this to lock the fillers in but you may want 2-3 coats and over time you will be back to square one.
Where does detailing spray come into the equation? For a normal car wash, I would just give a wipe down with spray after drying the water off.

If you've gone down the route of clay, polish, wax is the detailing spray still of any use ?
I use Autoglym tar remover, for dark cars is 3m-perfect-it-iii-ultrafina, 3m hand glaze, dodo juice purple haze, clay bar with lubricant if you have never Clayed it before, just ensure you remove the tar spots 1st.
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Swissvax is the best. Check the cars out online that have been treated with it

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