best/cost effective finish for my 129 Carlsson split rims?

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Nov 27, 2005
Camberley, Surrey
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As i move back into the world of MB, my 129 project is having some dust blown off it.
I am held back by certain factors, most notably cashflow lol.
However, whilst I gather the funds for some repainting, my attention turn to the wheels.
This is an old prev owner pic of the car with it's Carlsson staggered split rims


This is how the wheels look right now

They need splitting and refurbing. Whilst she is a bit of a (forced) garage queen at the moment, once she is back on the road she will be parked on the drive and used. So the thought of diamond cut/polished rims is not really an option I think - it's too much grief.

So I am interested in you knowledgeable peoples thoughts - should I :-

a) have them painted all in silver (rims and centres)
b) have the centres painted and the rims diamond cut and to hell with the hassle
c) have them painted black like seems popular despite the fact I am not a fan
d) have the centres painted in body colour, the rims in a bright silver echoing the effect of cut rims
e) come up with a different plan
f) sell them as they are and just keep it on the bog standard alloys she currently wears

I can't really visualise many of the differing effects to be honest, and I wouldn't know one end of photoshop from another so I am calling on you more experienced people to help me with your thoughts!!!!

Any other thoughts of sensible mods/refreshments please do mention.

Thanks all

We've got a set of 18 inch splitties on our ml that we had the lips powder coated in 'bright chrome' with the faces powder coated silver.

90% of the look of diamond cut , with 0% of the aggro.

BJV did it for us , which isn't a million miles from you.

They split ours down for us too.

They look great and have been two years now with no flaking etc and as the ml is a workhorse , they don't get much love other than a wash now and then.
Howard, and chance of a pic and an idea what you paid please? Thanks
I would second the powder coating route. Personally I think your car would look great with the centres matched to the body colour and the rims powder coated in bright chrome.
I'll get you a pic on Tuesday if that's ok ?

Won't see dad till then and it's one of his cars.
As the bolts sit against the centres, you'll be ok with powdercoating the dishes as the finish won't fracture or wrinkle when torquing up.
Is anyone any good with Photoshop ?
Wondering how feasible it is to "shop" body coloured or black centres onto an existing pic of the car?
Forgot about this mate sorry , will do it today promise , I'll catch up wi him this pm

Black would be too dark , gunmetal get would look lovely.

BJV do a finish called black chrome that would look pretty cool.

Have a look at the finishes on their website
They are a bit dirty at the moment , but I wiped off the lip so you can see the finish.


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That's quite effective isn't it?
Thanks for taking the time. Appreciated.
Out of interest, is BJV the company that got really bad press a few years back? I seem to recall their name coming up more than once, and not in a good way. If it is, what are they like now finish/customer service-wise?

Don't think so ?

BJV are great , if you are on Facebook have a look at some of their posts , they are doing Ferrari wheels , R8 wheels , you name it.

For me personally they've done Brabus wheels , AMG wheels , the ML splitties and a set of BBS splitties .

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them !

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