Best Headlight De-Mist Technique?

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Nov 26, 2009
E320 CDI Avantgarde
Hi there,

I have a 2004 E class, and the headlights have become very misty.

What´s the best way to de-mist them?

Many thanks.
Get the 3M kit from Amazon. Kit includes two grades of buffing pads,plastic polish and a polish applicator. I had excellent results using this but you have to seal the lens afterwards with clear laquer or the UV will just dull them again.

Some people opt for using 800,1200 and 2000 grit sanding sheets and keep rubbing the (dampened)lens in a circular motion until the mistiness has gone. Harder work but cheaper. Use a good polish and seal afterwards. Don't forget to mask around the lights before starting and keep the lens damp at all times whilst using the abrasive discs/sheets.

One other point, I used the Meguiars restoration kit and compared to the 3M, its hopeless.
If you mean condensation inside, the best way is to switch them on and remove the rear covers. Don't drive with the covers removed though..

If you mean the plastic lenses have become misty, then a good quality headlamp restorer works well. Have a look at the kit from Mequiar's
Do you mean misted up on the inside?

If so I understand silica gel sachets work well.
I might have misinterpreted the meaning of the OP. In which case forget what I wrote:eek:
Thanks for the replies.

Sorry, Yes the it´s the actual plastic lenses that have become cloudy.

I´ve seen one technique which involves rubbing on toothpaste- has anyone tried this?

Best regards.
Toothpaste is an abrasive so yes, it would work but will take a long time. Should smell nice afterwards though. :)

I'm a bit "old school" and do mine with very fine rubbing down paper and finish off with polish. Solvol Autosol is good for them as well though sealing them afterwards with clear coat, as mentioned above, is preferable.
T cut on an orbital polisher will do the job swiftly followed by sealing to increase the amount of time before needing to repeat.
2000 grade wet & dry paper, used wet, then T-cut, then a sealer.
Toothpaste always works, the lights will be crystal clear. However bear in mind that it does take ALOT of elbow grease.
Toothpaste for me. its not as difficult as some of the posts suggest unless your lenses are really bad. Give it a try, if it works you have saved money and will have minty lights.
I used 1200 grit then 2000grit then t cut then a plastic polish with a buffing wheel they look perfect took about 30 mins per side

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