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Aug 20, 2003
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What's the best GPS system for use with the Compaq iPAQ ???

I've got the 3850 with a 128Mb card.

Options I'm considering at present:-

1. Compaqs own navigation system - plus points appear to be that the software is already on a supplied memory card, so is plug and play. But whats the actual system like in use ??

2. Navman 3450 - has good reviews, and is very similar to the compaq in that it is very neat with no cables (except power). Is this actually the same system as the Compaq ?

3. Tom Tom - again good reviews. Possible negative is that the GPS receiver is separate and therefore looks untidy ??

Do I need a separate receiver box anyway to get good fixes and accuracy ??
Best combination I've found was to use TTN2 software with a gps expansion jacket from here

I get good reception in the car and the whole thing can be taken out and used when walking if necessary (a feature I convinced myself was worth having - despite my shoes knowing their own way to the pub and back). Was going to get COMAND but didn't like the sound quality of the stereo and wondered whether I'd use the SatNav much so I got this. Already had an old 3660 Ipaq that runs my life but assume it works with the newer ones too.


I have TomTom Navigator 2 Software only for sale at the moment . . . you would need a separate GPS receiver / Jacket to make it work though.

Selling with my iPAQ, but will separate if you are interested.

See Classifieds for details. Its all going on eBay tomorrow.

For what its worth, I have found TomTom v2 to be an excellent package - can confirm the good reviews you will have read.

I use comand in my car and Ipaq H3850 with Navman 3400 in my van.
I think the Navman is easier to set up and use with better clearer maps than Comand.
The lady sounds better too.
Very good peice of kit that you can use anywhere. I recently went to Switzerland and even used it there as all Europe was supplied with software.
I've got the NavMan 3400 and I'm very pleased with it, no complaints at all.

Make sure you check out for reviews on the different options.
Sym, did you use TomTom 1 before 2 or just straight in to 2? If you did is there much benefit in upgrading? If there is, how much do you want for it?

Sooo many questions....

OG, you have PM.

Thanks for the feedback guys - have ordered a Navman 3450 today.

Why the Navman ?, well:-

1. I liked the fact it was one self contained unit, requiring only one cable for optional power from the 12V car socket (the TomTom system needed two cables due to the separate GPS receiver)
2. The fact that the Navman accepts CF memory cards which are less than half the price of SD cards
3. Being only one unit it can be used as a unit for walking or sightseeing duties (I'm off to Holland next week, not by car unfortunately, so it will be interesting to see what points of interest it has for Amsterdam !)
4. I can transfer the unit from my own car to any company pool vehicle in seconds.

Got a good price £289 delivered , and most of all excellent service from HandNav ( They have an excellent website, had the lowest price I could find, and offered free next day delivery.
I ordered by phone, for that personal touch and received two emails (receipt and a thankyou) from them before I even finished the telephone conversation.
Sounds like a good buy.

I can also recommend - got my W202 iPAQ Vent mount from them a while ago and they were extremely good to deal with.

Hmm, but you get all the advantages you mentioned using the system I have and you get to use the TomTom software which is much better, and at the same price you're paying. It works with ANY gps sender, whether mouse, bluetooth or sleeve, you are not restricted to the TomTom gps box

Originally posted by Aswall
Hmm, but you get all the advantages you mentioned using the system I have and you get to use the TomTom software which is much better, and at the same price you're paying. It works with ANY gps sender, whether mouse, bluetooth or sleeve, you are not restricted to the TomTom gps box


Personally I prefer the NavMan software, good choice CLK270!
Off topic but how are you finding the CLK270? I almost went for one but the waiting list was longer than the E270.
Off topic again but, my impressions of the first month (900 miles)

Obsidian black metallic
Anthracite / pale grey leather (as close to AMG as you can get from the factory)
Automatic (must be getting old !)
Single CD
Sports Suspension
17" sports alloy wheels
Alloy pedal mod - courtesy of you good chaps at the forum.

1. a completely different car to drive from my two previous E46 BMs (330d saloon, 323Ci coupe)
2. Ride quality - excellent - even with the optional sports suspension and upgraded (17") alloys - about the same as a BM on standard wheels and suspension.
3. Handling - very little body lean initially and then the car just sits down in the corners (the BMs used to chop across the road on the front )
4. Styling - despite a few criticisms of it looking heavy at the rear wing area I really like it, probably helped by the bigger wheels
5. Interior - the single CD looks a bit cheap for Mercedes. Seats very supportive, two tone leather looks great. Motorised seat belt provider a real talking point - but brilliant if you have the seat forward. Space wise it provides good accomodation for twpo adults, with space for teenagers or adulkts in the back also. 4 seats only though - there is no middle to the rear seat (storage tray). Boot space better than the BMs - less boxed in at the sides and loads of cubies at the sides / under the floor. Split rear seats standard also.
6. Engine and performance - not quite up with the BM (yet - possible Carlsson / Brabus module under consideration). Don't exactly miss the smoothness of the six cylinders, but am a little worried about the amount of smoke from the exhaust, even under modest throttle openings (although other 270 diesels appear to be the same). The winter mode on the gearbox is now labelled C (for comfort), perhaps should be cruiser ?.
7. Ability to drop all windows is a bit of a gimmick, and I wonder what happens to your rear screen at high speeds.Nothing in the handbook - I wonder how long before we hear of German owners losing their rear screen maxing the car on the autobahns ?

1. the fact that everyone tells you you've left your lights on when you park in a dark carpark (should adjust the lights off delay I suppose, but it looks so cool with the side lights and front fogs on delay).
2. Occasionally when turning sharp left, and accelerating (such as pulling onto a roundabout and taking the first exit) there appears to be a slight graunching sound from the offside rear wheel area - almost as though the tyre is rubbing the carpet liner in the wheelarch. This is not the case - I've had the wheel off twice, but it will need further investigation.
3. Why don't they offer the uprated front brakes of the C class sport pack as an option - std brakes are fine but they don't look as good!

Overall - I have to say I'm very happy. If I can figure out how to get my jpegs ono the members gallery I'll post some pictures.

Compared to the E class you are paying a lot for the coupe body, but it'd be a strange world if we all had the same tastes.

Have just got the Navman up and running - took a few goes to get it registered online, and the maps take an age to download to the iPAQ (20 minutes for UK + Netherlands - 103Mb) even on USB connection. Will see if I can fool it on the way to work tomorrow !

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