Best w124 headlight bulb (H4).

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Sep 17, 2018
w124 Coupe
After feeling my lights could be better on my late w124 coupe I decided to upgrade the bulbs.

No idea why I didn’t do it earlier, perhaps constantly being blinded by modern led lights made me think my dimmer ones were doing everyone else a favour.

I went for ‘Osram night breaker lasers’ as someone on the 5 series forum I’m on (I also own a late e34 touring) recommended them very highly.

Not driven with them yet so will update the post once I’ve used them a little, but I can see the difference while parked.

Brighter and whiter and the extra distance the light travels (and the sharpness of cut line) is instantly noticeable.

Not the best picture but the oem osram bilux bulb (that has lasted years) is on the left and the new osram laser bulb is on the right. The difference in brightness on the bumper is the easiest way of spotting the improvement…


Bit late now but out of interest, what bulbs that fit the standard H4 headlight fitting have you upgraded too / recommend?


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Don't trust BMW drivers 🤣 they misinformed you .


Why have 150% when you can have 200% !


Osram Night Breaker 200
Ha. Always one step behind!

In their defence I don’t think the 200 comes in the H1 bulb used in the e34.

Silly question, does the single H4 bulb act as both low beam and high beam? Only seemed to be the fog light and single headlight bulb in the unit.
Have used Osram Nightbreaker and Phillips Extreme vision. Both very good. Not tried the latest +200 version yet. It is said that the high power bulbs dont last long but so far I have had no problem. Our 124 spends most of the year in Italy where headlights on day and night is the norm so any short life issues should have shown up by now.
I have NB's in the S204 - not sure if they're Lasers or the earlier model - but have headlights on with ignition, so far (touch wood) they're lasting well, over 2 years so far!! Just in case, when I saw an excellent deal on Amaxon flagged on here or t'other side, I have new Bosche Plus 90's ready if/when replacement is necessary!!
Had a test drive last night.

Best way of describing the new bulbs is I feel like I ‘have my lights on now’. Not a radical transformation but noticeably better in pitch black areas especially.

Whiter, a bit brighter and a few more meters of visibility.

Not bad for £17.

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