Bestest birthday wishes - PORTZY

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Dec 2, 2003
North Yorkshire
hers - slk 320, his - dull diesel BMW fleet :/, Xtrail, Honda CBR 1100xx, Yamaha YZF600, Ribble Road
:bannana: :bannana: 50 today :bannana: :bannana:


Have a superb day chuck. Dream of your birthday pressie :D :D ;)
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Enjoy the day Dave, have a swift one for me, Happy Birthday
:bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
Congratulations! Have a good day & weekend, mate. :rock: :bannana:
All the best dave your present is coming in 72 days. Look on the bright side its only 10 years till the free bus pass.

Happy Birthday Dave :bannana:

not long to wait until your new toy :rock:
Well, what can I say?, a BIG thank you to one and all. Fiftys' not that bad is it really, is it?, nah, not when you are still twenty five in the head :D .

Cracking likeness Pammy, according to Chris anyway. Well, shortly we are off to somewhere called Gatehouse-of-Fleet near Dumfries for a long weekend in a caravan so I will catch up with all you nice folks early next week.

Bye, and thanks again.

Happy Birthday Mr Portzy :)

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