Big Thumbs Up to Eurocharged

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Aug 12, 2014
Chichester, West Sussex
CL55 AMG Kompressor ('55)
Had a bit of work done by the guys at Eurocharged last week, namely a Quaife LSD as part of the group buy, plus their Stage 1 package of heat exchanger, pump, pully and map.

The CL is now noticeably quicker but more importantly far smoother and more fluid both when pootling and pressing on. I would single out the LSD and map for particular praise, especially at low speed, medium throttle situations. The phrase 'pulls like a train' also seems more appropriate than ever a full tilt as well. Have done about 400 miles with it since and they've felt by far the most natural.

Very pleasant and easy guys to deal with and was a nice touch to see a live Star readout.

Overall, thoroughly recommended hardware and service.

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