Bill Bailey

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Jan 16, 2003
NE Cumbria
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Anyone catch his stage show on C4 last night? The guy is a hoot. Very intelligent, very talented. Highly recommended. :D :D :rock:
the Kraftwerk Hokey Cokey was inspired - still laughing about that one today

Agreed Bill Bailey is one of the funniest guys around

It's on my tivo but I've not got around to watching it yet! Bewilderment was equally funny from a few years ago :)
I went to see his show Part Troll at the Apollo Theatre in December, it was a great night out.
Shude said:
It's on my tivo but I've not got around to watching it yet! Bewilderment was equally funny from a few years ago :)

Well worth taking a 'time out' to watch. :D Having said that I have still only watched half of it. (I bet he can spell naïve) ;)

Not really seen him before but it was very funny, not much makes me laugh out loud at home but this did!
Laughed my a*se off, as did my wife. Really funn in comparison to his NMTB performances.
I'd heard & read about his mickey-take on the BBC News theme music but I still near wet myself!! :eek: :D
Hokey Cokey in german goes like....

Sie stellen Ihr linkes Bein darin, ließ Bein, in, im Schütteln all das darüber aus

tun Sie den hokey cokey, und Sie drehen sich um Knie bogen sich gestreckte Arme, Rah Rah Rah

:bannana: :bannana: :bannana:

that's just made things worse - I just had to sit down at the keyboard and try working out an arrangement - trouble is I keep slipping into playing "the model" :)

I have been a Bill Bailey fan since 1996 - around 98 he had his own series thru BBC Scotland called 'Is it Bill Bailey', but alas this was only commissioned for one series of six episodes. It was a cross between his stand up/musical comedy and sketches which were really off the wall - Simon Pegg (Spaced/Sean of the Dead/Big Train et al) was also in some of the scenes with Bill...BBC haven't released it on DVD yet either, but I do have a treasured Video Cassette with all six episodes taped off the TV....

Some of the highlights were - DIY man making a ham sandwich in the kitchen, with vice, sander, mastic gun and hinge for the bread roll....Richard Clayderman plays Three Blind Mice....the famous Bailey Chaucer joke (three fellowes wenton into a pubbe)....foghorn factory house....wife parking car in 'one man and his dog' stylee, cockney classical music influences (including Flight of the Bumble Bee and lots of winking at the camera!!) ah the list is endless....he truly is a master.

I first saw him live at Warwick Arts Centre, must've been 1997 but can't remember...he sent a mike round the audience to sample a voice and asked the recipient if she had any pets...she said yes, a Scorpion! I recall that tickled him greatly!

Having watched Kraftwerk last March myself at Manchester Apollo, I was amazed to watch the Part Troll DVD at Christmas and see him perform the Hokey Cokey sketch - when I saw him at Birmingham in April or May (can't remember) that was not in his repertoire...what a bonus!

I can truly recommend seeing him live if you get the chance. My favourite Bailey piece of all though must be his hilarious tribute to Prog Rock - The Leg of Time...I think it is on the Bewilderness CD if anyone wants to hear it. I bet Amazon stock it.
Nice write up - thanks for that. And welcome to the forum.

Marillion fan, perchance??
'Marillion fan, perchance??'

Oh yes indeed, man and too by the sounds of it?

And thanks for the welcome :)
I've seen the show now, it was really funny :)
Jesters Tear said:
'Marillion fan, perchance??'

Oh yes indeed, man and too by the sounds of it?

Yep, love the music, although only of the Fish era, which may not make me a proper fan?? Sadly only say them once, in Liverpool. Fish has to be one of the cleverest lyricists ever, IMHO.
In that case Jukie, check this

Playing in Crewe on 11th February. I have followed the band since my teens, twenty years now, and like both styles equally. I will always have a soft spot for those Fish albums.

Last time Forgotten Sons played live, November I think, Fish attended and was in the crowd, heckling for Grendel and such like! How mad must that have been??!!

Regards, see you in Crewe (not!!)??

Note: you are in Cumbria - they come no further south than Crewe or Bolton and mainly play in Scotland
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well we enjoyed the Bill Bailey show so much we bought the DVD.

Sadly I can't say the same about Marillion - in the "fish days" I went to one of their gigs and along with most of the rest of the folks there who left early considered it to be the worst gig I've ever been to - 20 years on and no band I've seen since has even come close to how awful they were that night!!!


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