Bill Bailey

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I've just returned home from seeing the amazingly talented Bill Bailey at the Sands Center in Carlisle.

Debbie (Mrs Ant) & my daughter surprised me. (After Informing me back in June that all tickets had been sold)

What a great pick-me-up it was too. He was faultless from start to finish. Musical genius linked together with amazing humour. My 10 year old daughter was glued to the whole show. Just goes to show that swearing is not required or nessaccery.

I know I'll pay the price tomorrow for my outing but it was totally worth it.

Thanks to my wonderful girls for my amazing surprise.

I'd encourage anyone (a fan or not) to go and see him if you get the chance.

a real talent .. very funny without being crude and musical too
IIRC the same guy who was in that comedy about the bookstore? Very funny bloke!
Yup he's a clever and talented guy.
Black Books.

Massively under-rated comedy - it was hilarious.

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