Billy is off for a health check

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Feb 23, 2005
Surrey, UK
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Morning all-Billy is off for his annual service this morning. I hope being a minor service it will cost me less than last year. Wish my baby luck :D :bannana: :D
Good luck!! Are you taking your own oil? Saves a bob or two;) :D
Morning Pammy-No, the specialist I use is very resonably priced doesn't tend to be extravagent with his prices. Cheers Pammy, and have a great day (while the weather lasts)
how dya find these sites is it one of ur favorites :rock:
im gonna replace my mp3 colln with these
Most amusing RoseChap-Well he's in surgery at the moment-Hope all goes well. Nice find with the song!:D
Well, I will either be dining in Fortnum's tonight drinking Vintage Dom Perignon or if my wallet is invaded, it's Maccy D's and a Tesco Value cola.....LOL
Well Billy was collected with open arms, and my wallet in tact.:D
It was only a lube service, although I had the spark plugs changed as well as they weren't done last year, and I have no idea when they were last changed prior to me adopting him. Bless-The doc even oiled his door hinges and check straps. He was given a clean bill of health all round and the doc is looking forward to giving him a check up next year.
That's excellent news. He must lead a very healthy lifestyle:D
pammy said:
That's excellent news. He must lead a very healthy lifestyle:D
Of course he does Pammy, he lives with me-I must be the pinnacle of fitness and Mc. D's, KFC and kebabs...:D :D :D
Cheers for your kind words and have a great weekend....av a piece of fruit-:bannana:

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