Billy's W124 Coupe

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Heres a few more "The Bank holiday clean!

not the best quality.. cam phone:rolleyes:

Original Mercedes label bought off the bay!

Nice neat design.

Sitting Pretty!

Front springs ride/height research!

Approx 60mm with one nib shims.

few more

Can't wait to start all thats planned for it!

it's been a long time in the wait! :)
Can't wait to start all thats planned for it!

it's been a long time in the wait! :)

Bits sitting around screaming for me to start this project:
  1. Front heated passenger and driver seats
  2. Front memory driver and passenger seats
  3. Electrically adjustable reach steering column
  4. Cruise control
  5. Infra -red locking
  6. Headlamp wash wipe system
  7. Fire extinguisher mounted on driver seat
  8. Rear roll top storage box - done
  9. Centre flip top storage arm rest
  10. Parrot install in centre console (undecided, where a pre heater would be recessed. this install would nicely be fitted under the console sitting flush)
  11. Heated rear seats with original switches mounted on rear console (undicided)
  12. Original Mercedes Burl wood steering wheel (Change replica)
  13. Illuminated vanity mirrors – done
  14. Dipping rear view mirror – done
  15. Electric rear blind - done
  16. Speaker, stereo and amplifier upgrade
  17. Dynamat, Road noise reduction materials laid on floor pan and on exposed chassis/body panels.
  18. AMG GEN II front bumper (with chrome fixings mounted)
  19. AMG driving Lamps with oiginal wiring with bumper badge (brand new)
  20. AMG side skirts
  21. AMG rear Bumper (with chrome fixings mounted)
  22. AMG Duck Tail with Period badging (undicided if i should fit this)
  23. AMG rear Box with square tips
  24. Sportline chassis conversion: (Steering box, Front/rear arbs, rear subframe mounts, front wishbones).
  25. Renew all rear links and arms including refurbed subframe (shot blasted and powder coated), diff mounts
  26. Renew drag links and steering components
  27. Bilstein B8's/new top mounts with custom made springs
  1. External strip down and full glass out body respray replacing all seals with original MB parts
  2. Rear subtle arch mods to fit 18x9J monoblock AMG alloys
Final: (never stops)

Think about engine mods......:eek:
What size and brand of tyres did you use?
The thread is 8 years old :)
And the OP hasn’t been online for over two years?

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