Bilstein B6 or B8?

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Nov 16, 2018
W204 C220
Hoping someone has some experience with bilstein shockers. I understand that the B6 and B8 are valved the same but B8 is shorter.

I have a 2013 C220 S204 that has the factory lowered suspension. I'm looking to renew the shocks and springs. I don't want the car any lower than it is already but unsure if I need B6 or B8 shocks. I've emailed bilstein but no reply. Would the shorter B8 be too short for stock lowered springs?
What do you plan to do with your 4 pot diesel car going forward ? Track days ? Bilstiein are top noch and well worth the money if you are going to use what they offer. I have just replace all suspension on all 4 corners on my C55 AMG (S203) with Koni gas struts/shocks mated to MB supplies Eibac AMG specific front springs and Sachs rear springs the result is way good enough for day to day use on UK roads .

You have clearly done your homework and you obviously realise that shock length (unless extreme) will not affect ride height , thats the springs that do that. I think what you are asking is to get the correct shock length for the springs you have/will replace . ?

Gazwould is a member on here who is well versed on this . Try PM him . Best of luck , please let us know what you decide on and the subsequent results :thumb:
The B8 is fine for your needs. The B6 is used if you lowered it with Eibachs or H&R springs etc.
These shocks give great control and a great ride. It’s a one movement shock so virtually no float at all.
I have Bilsteins with Eibach springs, the ride is a little firm but excellent in the faster twisty bits.
Thanks for the replies.

Not looking for track spec performance but do like to push on a bit in the twisties. My current suspension as far as I'm aware is the same as left the factory 140000 miles ago! Also have a snapped spring on the front so will renew all 4 with stock items.
The Mercedes OEM damper for this S204 is made by Bilstein , so buy Bilstein and it's not an ordinary Bilstein B4 either, but a B4 DampMatic®

No B6 or B8 needed .

I had broken springs issues with genuine MB parts. The Eibach's cured the problem " So far" :thumb: :thumb:
I had a W203 which are springs for breakfast so I replaced them with K&N springs and there were no mor spring issues. It was really low though!
The Mercedes OEM damper for this S204 is made by Bilstein , so buy Bilstein and it's not an ordinary Bilstein B4 either, but a B4 DampMatic®

No B6 or B8 needed .

Is it B4 shocks with sports suspension though? Mine has the option 486 sports suspension. B6 or B8 may not necessarily be needed but a worthwhile upgrade surely?
These B4 DampMatic® are a dual rate damper so you get the best of both worlds on Britain's broken roads.

With B6 or B8 you will just compromise comfort .

I've ordinary Billy B4 on another but older car and the ride is firmer than DampMatic , all B4 are slightly uprated anyway hense being described as having high power reserves .

The precise B4 DampMatic® part numbers for your S204 with sports suspension are..

Front 22-240675

Rear 24-166522
Appreciate the info 👍
Went and had a look at the car today, interesting the front shocks are Sachs number 80 1404 001 243!

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