Bin Laden wanted to marry Whitney Houston...

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Boof also claims the al Qaeda supremo would "ramble on" about his favourite TV shows, The Wonder Years, Miami Vice and MacGyver.
He's obviously an 80s man! How can anyone hate the guy when he clearly has such good taste? In fact I hate him less than a lot of other people now I've read that.

In my book, he's alright! :)
Whitney needs a Bodyguard. :D
How the hell do guys like bin Laden and Prescott get women/mistresses...:rolleyes: :crazy:

Money/power I guess....!
Couldn't believe it when I saw it either. Apparantly he wanted to kill Bobby Brown (Whitney's husband for those who don't know).

If he's that powerful how come he didn't go through with that? We all know that there are a lot of crazy people out there, can we really believe this?

The same report that claimed this also mentions him keeping pictures of Whitney Houston & copies of Playboy magazine in his briefcase...
Pretty much upto Skys usual reporting standards.


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