Bio Deisel

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Jan 2, 2008
Ok if your not sure about using new fuels go to this link.

I ran a citeron zx 1.9td on veg oil 50-50 mix. please note you will have to change the fuel filter as it will clog on the first use.
This machine had 138 on the clock and flew through its mot smoke test on the first test and extremly low .

I now run a astra 1.7 td and again the mot was great very low and on first pump of the throttle.

I can only advise people with newer cars to be carefull as the veg oil does tend to eat away oil seals, so you have to check to see what pump is fitted ect. the link will tell you all and people have posted what they have done and how long for.
So attention to newer engines.:bannana:

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